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Free, fast and confidential psychological support

By care professionals for care professionals

We are here to provide wellbeing and psychological support to all NHS staff and those providing care to others in the community, including residential homes in the North West London area as well as London Ambulance service. Launched in response to Covid-19

Image text: Feeling stressed, anxious and low in mood?

Get help quickly

Appointment opening hours

We will talk to you about your appointment time. Our appointments are flexible to work around shift patterns and we can provide some choice over where your treatment is provided so you do not have to be seen in the Trust you work in. Appointments are during clinic opening times which are slightly different in some boroughs

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We accept referrals from anyone (including healthcare professionals)

Appointments are flexible to work around shift patterns

Signs and symptoms

Coronavirus has brought considerable challenges; you may have worries about your own or your family’s health.

  • Feeling down, depressed or hopeless
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much
  • Little interest or pleasure in doing things
  • Changes to your appetite
  • Feeling tired or having little energy
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Feeling nervous anxious or on edge
  • Worrying too much about different things
  • Trouble relaxing
  • Becoming easily annoyed or irritable
By care professionals for care professionals