Are you feeling work stress or burnout? We can help! Join our new support group to recognise common signs and overcome them.

We are excited to announce our next online Burnout Group starting in September 2023. The NHS Staff Survey 2021 results indicate that NHS staff are experiencing high levels of burnout.

Incorporating an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model the sessions will promote positive wellbeing via psychological techniques, mindfulness practice, reflective exercises and group discussions.

The next group will start on Tuesday 5 September from 3.30pm to 5pm and run for six consecutive weeks. We have limited places available. If you are interested in joining a future group please email or complete the self-referral form if you would like support.

While burnout includes many of the same symptoms as stress, there are three specific feelings that differentiate burnout:

  • Feeling tired or exhausted
  • A lack of enthusiasm and increased negativity towards your job
  • Decreased ability to perform your job

Often, burnout results in depressive symptoms, such as sadness or a lack of hope. But it can also contribute to a wide range of negative emotions and even physical symptoms, such as:

  • Frustration or anger
  • Irritability or annoyance
  • Anxiety, agitation, or restlessness
  • Physical feelings of stress, such as headaches, stomach issues, body pains, or fatigue


Self-help resources

Talk to us

If you're unsure whether you want to join the group, please get in touch with us at and one of our wellbeing practitioners can help answer any questions you have. You can also reach out to us via: