Chloe.jpgDr Chloe Schneider is the newly appointed Clinical Lead for the Keeping Well Service in North West London. 

Chloe is a counselling psychologist who has worked in the NHS for over 12 years as a psychological therapist, supervisor and team leader.  She has a particular interest in staff wellbeing and helping facilitate reflective working environments that are supportive of staff development.

The service provides wellbeing and psychological support to all health and social care staff in the region, including those providing care to others in the community and in residential homes and voluntary sector organisations.



Nicole_Burnham.jpgDr Nicole Burnham is the newly appointed Senior Psychologist’ for the Keeping Well Service across North West London.

Nicole has worked in the NHS for over 13 years, in a range of clinical roles largely within primary and secondary care mental health services. She has always placed a huge importance on staff wellbeing and has worked on projects aimed at improving reflective practice and strengthening supervisory structures in teams. Nicole says this service will facilitate much needed and faster support to a staff group who have been under great pressure and demand during the pandemic.

StefaniHello, my name is Stefani and I am a Drug and Alcohol worker within the Keeping Well Service.

I am here to provide specialist support for anyone who is struggling with substance misuse (including prescribed medication, tobacco and alcohol). All of the support available is evidenced-based and includes providing harm minimisation approaches, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention and health education.

We have dedicated drug and alcohol support self-help resources you can access.

I can also assist you with accessing opioid substitution therapy or detoxification programmes as well as support around Blood Bourne Viruses (BBV).

I am also able to support any supervisors/managers who are concerned about an employee who may be struggling with substance misuse ensuring that they receive the right support as soon as possible.

You can ask to get in contact with me by emailing 



Noreen.jpgHi, I'm Noreen and I am an Occupational Therapist working with the Keeping Well Service.

My role within this service is to support staff to help you look after yourself and put your mental well-being first, to deal with any personal or professional challenges you are facing, to reestablish your goals and to be a link between staff and relevant support to help you stay well. 

Monica.jpgHi I'm Monica and I am an Assistant Psychologist working in the Keeping Well Service.

I have previous experience working with ex-offenders in the community, supporting them to successfully reintegrate into society and live a crime-free life. This role was very intense and  highlighted to me the importance of emotional and wellbeing support for staff.

In my current role as an Assistant Psychologist within the Keeping Well Service I will be helping and supporting NHS staff and health and social care staff with resources to manage their wellbeing. 



Emma.jpgHello, my name is Emma, and I am one of the Assistant Psychologists working for the North West London Keeping Well Service. 

Having worked in the NHS during COVID-19, I am aware of some of the challenges that staff members have experienced, a key one being, having the time and energy to prioritise self-care.

I am looking forward to helping you access psychological support in a way that works around your schedule and enables you to continue doing the amazing work you’re doing.

Rebecca.jpgHello my name is Rebecca and I’m an Assistant Psychologist with Keeping Well.

I've worked therapeutically with children and families in the areas of autism, learning disability and trauma. I also have experience supporting adults facing mental health difficulties.

I have a passion for carrying out high quality research. I previously worked on a large study which focused on informing government policy in relation to children, youth and families.

I have a particular interest in trauma-informed and compassion-focussed approaches. My role within the Keeping Well service is to assist staff by helping them find appropriate supports and resources to manage their well-being.

Rhiannaon.jpgHi there, my name is Rhiannon and I am an Assistant Psychologist in the Keeping Well Service.

My previous experience has focused on helping those with mental health difficulties reintegrate back into the community alongside running community mental health groups. I also have further training in supporting those in mental health crisis and individuals with Autism. 

My role within Keeping Well is to provide a listening ear to those that need it. We aim to provide support and advice for health and social staff with their mental well-being as well as assist them in accessing psychological support.


Peter Helmer.jpgPeter has been teaching and facilitating mindfulness groups and individuals since 2006.

Previously an actor and musician working in that field for over a decade ,before re -training as a mindfulness practitioner . Initially training in a monastic setting and later in the community completing the MBSR teacher training course.

Peter previously  worked in the NHS addictions service at ‘The Club drug Clinic’ for eight years providing mindfulness and support for clients until the recent pandemic , when he was seconded to provide mindfulness for NHS staff .

He also provides mindfulness  services for various other charities , corporate organisations and through his own organisation ‘Metropolitan monk’.