You can book and access a series of recorded web events on managing your money with experts from the government backed Money Advice Service and partners.

These events will take you through a range of supportive topics to help you get on top of your finances and help you support others with theirs. Topics include:

Watch the first in a series of interactive learning conversations on managing your money, where experts from the Money Advice Service will take you through a range of topics to help you get on top of your finances. We want to help NHS staff to maximise their income and reduce any financial worries, through hints and tips that will make a material difference to you and your family.

Throughout our lives we will have lots of money conversations with different people and some will be difficult. This session will help you develop your own understanding and take action on issues that can cause financial difficulties – dealing with a life event such as a sudden bereavement, discovering hidden debts and habits, coping with money anxiety and dealing with financial abuse.

In this session it covers:

  • Budgeting and sticking to your spending plan
  • The best way to pays bills – how to pay bills on time, ways to pay, keeping on top of bills
  • Top money-saving tips to help you shop smarter and how to find the best deals with price comparison websites
  • Knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt 
  • How to work out the true cost of borrowing
  • How your credit rating affects the cost of borrowing and how to improve it
  • Protect your money from scams

Are you looking to save for a mortgage deposit, or a car, putting money aside for your children, building that rainy day fund or saving towards that special purchase? 

This session covers:

  • Getting into the savings habit and why it pays to save regularly
  • Saving for emergencies and putting the rest where it can work harder for you
  • Top tips for choosing a savings account
  • Help to Save if you’re on a low income
  • Credit Unions and saving
  • What are investments?

Talk to us

Our Keeping Well practitioners are here to listen and provide support to you. If you would like to talk about anything causing you worry, anxiety or stress related to financial wellbeing, get in touch: