The Good Thinking podcast series captures the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of Londoners.good thinking.png

We ask them about the approaches they are taking to stay mentally well and share with you top tips on what you can do to stay mentally healthy.

Listen to Good Thinking podcast here

Well Pod is a series of wellbeing podcasts created for staff and brought to you by staff from across theWellPod-Imperial.JPG Trust. The series will cover a range of wellbeing topics – like short breathing exercises from our yoga teachers, psychological wellbeing from the Trust's leadership team and healing after trauma from their in-house counsellors. Listen to Well Pod now


Relate Counsellors Dee Holmes and Simone Bose draw on their vast experience with clients at differentrelatiomship podcast.jpg life stages to identify the tell-tale signs people should look out for when it comes to money affecting relationships, and offer practical guidance for preventing and managing issues. Listen to The Relationship Podcast