Isaachar-crop.jpgIn 2018, Issachar sadly lost her mother and found out about this tragic news while at work and her mum abroad. Returning to work shortly after this news, she thought going back to normal was the best way forward. However, being around people became too emotional for her and she felt detached.

After speaking to her GP and Matron, and doing a bit of research herself, Issachar found Keeping Well. Having considered the idea for a little while, she plucked up the courage and gave the service a ring. She was referred to a therapist very quickly and straight away, she noticed how her outlook had changed.

“We spoke about my past, and I was allowed to reminisce the good memories I had with my mum, focusing on the positives. I was thankful for my therapist who helped me find the right mind-set that while my mum has gone, she hasn’t gone too,” Issachar explains.

“Before, I struggled to reach out and was reluctant to talk about my feelings. By speaking to someone, even for a handful of sessions, I felt huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Issachar’s advice to others in the similar shoes; “Don’t wait until it’s too late. By receiving help, it improved my family dynamics and I don’t notice triggers of loss as easily as I used to. Take each day as it comes and it’s always okay to talk to others.”

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