We have created a video to help managers better support staff suffering with Long Covid.

Through the perspectives of those with lived experience, as well as experts in the field, it is hoped that managers will have a better understanding of what it is like to live with the condition, as well as what can help in the workplace.

The short video shares insights from NHS staff and what it is like to live with Long Covid.

Supporting our staff members with Long Covid

If you are a staff member suffering with Long Covid, we will be running a peer support group in June.

This peer support group offers a safe, respectful virtual place where staff with Long Covid can connect with other staff and have an experience of belonging whilst offering and receiving support. Members of the group can use the space to share ideas, experiences and knowledge about things that have helped and sources of support.

The group is facilitated by a qualified psychologist and takes place on a fortnightly basis over a four month period. The next group will be starting in June (dates to be confirmed) and take place online for one hour.

To register your interest in joining, please email keepingwell.nwl@nhs.net

Further support and resources

If you're looking for more advice, tools and resources related to living or working with Long Covid, click on the button below:

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