When Occupational therapist Lina Grohbiel says she was close to burning out but sought the right help in time to Keeping Well.

0_Lina-Grohbiel.jpgSpeaking to MyLondon, Lina shared her experience working on the frontline:

“In health care we focus so much on everybody else, we need to learn to think about us,” says London occupational therapist Lina Grohbiel.

She has learnt the hard way.

Whilst working her job as an occupational therapist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the 31-year-old started noticing she was getting a short fuse and not coping well with emotional situations. She didn't so much cry, but felt like it a lot. Sound familiar?

But before it got too out of hand, she sought help from specialist NHS support and now she's urging others to do the same to avoid Covid burnout.

As a health and well-being champion for the NHS she's now urging other staff to seek help with coping with the challenges of the pandemic by using services such as the NHS's Keeping Well resources.

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