The Keeping Well Service is here to provide wellbeing and psychological support to all:

  • NHS, health and social care staff who live or work in North West London.
  • Volunteers and those providing care to others in the community who live or work in North West London
  • All London Ambulance Service staff

Below is an example of how Keeping Well has supported a member of staff:

Back in 2021 I discovered the Keeping Well service, and it turned out to be quite a game-changer.

I initially opened an email expecting a quick three-minute read, but it turned out into life changing information. 

The email highlighted a burnout group, which immediately caught my attention, given the stress I was grappling with as a speech and language therapist in the NHS.

The course explores the complexity of burnout, shedding light on the signs and how it manifests differently in individuals.

Reflecting on the content, I realised I had experienced similar challenging phases before.

This realisation, helped me to consider exploring the burnout group as it seemed to offer a more comprehensive solution.

Reaching out to the KeepingWell service was remarkably straightforward.

All it took was filling out a simple form and having a brief chat on the phone.

It was not just about signing up for a course; rather, the service designed to align with my specific needs.

Equipped with practical strategies like anchoring and unhooking to navigate stress, the KeepingWell service became instrumental in heightening my self-awareness.

These strategies empowered me to recognise the early signs of burnout and take corrective action before things get worse.

As I began using these strategies into my daily routine, there was an important shift in my mindset.

Negative thoughts that once weighed heavily on me seemed to lose their grip.

Instead of being trapped in self-doubt, I found myself acknowledging those thoughts, expressing gratitude for the awareness they provided, and moving forward with newfound confidence.

This positive transformation wasn't confined to my professional life; it changed my personal life too, nurturing a more balanced approach between work and home.

I reconnected with colleagues and engaged in honest conversations about stress, not just within the workplace but also extending about the challenges faced at home.

Comparing how I navigated through challenges then and now reveals a big difference.

The Keeping Well service, with its user-friendly access and personalised touch, played a key role in this transformative journey.

Participating in group sessions initially felt somewhat intimidating, but turned out to be a supportive environment where individuals could share their experiences at their own pace.

The thoughtful timing of these sessions further added to their accessibility, accommodating a diverse range of participants.

In essence, the Keeping Well service became a lifeline—a source of practical tools, heightened self-awareness, and a healthier perspective on handling stress and burnout.

My recommendation goes out to anyone facing burnout or tough times, encouraging them to explore the valuable support and resources offered by this service.

It's more than just a service; it's a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that has made a lasting impact on both my professional and personal life.

Like the colleague in this personal experience you may have worries about your own or your family’s health. You might be exhausted from juggling the pressures of life.

The Keeping Well service is here to provide wellbeing and psychological support to all :

·Email us or call on 0300 123 1705 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

·Refer yourself to the service via our self-referral page

·There is also a range of self-help materials and videos you can access in our resources section

The service will be running more Burn Out Groups soon which will be shared on their website. You can also access more support with coping with stress in their self help pages here 

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