Keeping Well is a partnership between Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) and West London NHS Trust. 

We are here to provide wellbeing and psychological support to all NHS staff and those providing care to others in the community, including residential homes in the North West London area as well as London Ambulance service.

Our service has been mentioned in NHS England's latest press release which discusses plans for mental health support in preparation for a possible second wave.

Dr Ryan Kemp, Director of Therapies at CNWL said, 

“We prioritised wellbeing from the start but it became clear some people needed more help. However, it had to be their choice and wholly under their control, so they would feel supported but also ‘safe’ using an NHS service. Keeping Well thus provides speedy access to experienced talking therapists where staff can also use a range of self-help and online resources including a “chat” function, where they can ask questions and take decisions about what level of intervention they want.”

He also said:

“The service is delivered as an ICS partnership (of West London NHS Trust and CNWL) and by sharing expertise we have broadened our offer and reassure staff.  Keeping Well has been expanded to all NHS staff, social care and nursing home staff.”

You can read the full NHS England release online.

For more information about Keeping Well, visit the website.

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