When Jo, a charity worker was going through a bereavement loss and suffering post traumatic stress disorder, she turned to mindfulness offered by the Keeping Well North West London staff support service.

Peter Helmer, experienced NHS mindfulness practitioner runs free virtual sessions every week for health and social care staff to attend.

Jo said: “Peter's meditation sessions have been a major part of my life and recovery since the trauma. I have learnt coping strategies that I use daily. When my mind starts to overthink, focus on fear and negativity, I use the mindfulness techniques Peter has taught me and I feel a sense of ease, relaxation and even hope.

Learning meditation techniques has also given Jo a new way to live without constantly being in the mind. 

Jo said: "Not only is Peter a very experienced, passionate teacher he has a very kind soul and really wants to help with your recovery. I would recommend these sessions to everyone, especially if you are suffering. The sessions have massively helped me and I wouldn't be without them.”

Join Peter's mindfulness sessions

Peter runs mindfulness groups every week (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays), a monthly Long Covid group largely focused on breathing techniques, plus a new mindfulness-based stress reduction programme starting early May 2022.

If you’re interested in attending one of Peter’s mindfulness sessions, click below:

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