You’re invited to Virgin Pulse (VP) GO – a chance to improve your health in ways that work for you, with friends by your side. It’s an all-in-one wellbeing programme and comes with an easy-to-use app. Plus it’s free!

Personalised wellbeing at your fingertips the VP GO app is packed with easy ways to make small, healthy changes:

  • Daily tips to fit wellness into your schedule
  • Personal, guided journeys that let you choose how to get healthier
  • Compete in mini challenges with friends
  • Learn and track healthy habits, then watch your progress in real time
  • See how far you’ve come with two free health assessments

As part of your wellbeing journey, you’ll be embarking on an action-packed 9-week activity challenge – Destination GO.

Everyone will be on a team, motivating each other to race across the globe, unlocking virtual destinations as you go. How you get active, whether you do yoga at home or cycle around town, is up to you.

You’ll use an activity tracker to track your daily activity. Your activity gets uploaded to the app and website – and moves your team forwards in the challenge.

How do I sign up?
Sign up here

There are limited places so sign up today! The adventure begins on 28 July.


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