We have updated our free and confidential self-assessment questionnaires on low mood and anxiety to check your wellbeing to see if you might need support from one of our wellbeing practitioners.

How to take the questionnaires:
  • Step 1: Visit our self-assessment questionnaire page (link will open new tab)
  • Step 2: Complete the first questionnaire on low mood
  • Step 3: Scroll down to complete the second questionnaire on anxiety
  • Step 4: Click submit

You will be presented with your results with further information on the range of support offers available to you. You can also download your results (save as a pdf).

Slide across the images below to take a look.

  • slide
  • slide
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  • Anxiety questionnaire results (example)

    Anxiety questionnaire results (example)

If you would like to discuss your scores with one of our Keeping Well practitioners please get in touch with the team:

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