Our Keeping Well Team attended CaRE Project celebration event to join teams and colleagues the project has collaborated with. 

It was an exciting opportunity to celebrate with all of the healthcare teams the project has worked with so far and all collborating partners Keeping Well-CARE-project-event.jpg including CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, Royal College of Nursing, NoCLOR, Brunel University, Keeping Well Services and Integrated Care Services.

We were invited along to view an exhibition of the artwork created with the teams and sharing about the CaRE Project development and next steps.

About the CaRE Project

The CaRE Project (Creativity, Arts, Resilience, and Engagement) is an exciting collaboration between AHPs, Psychologists and Arts Psychotherapists. The project follows the impact of the pandemic and is creative, collaborative, and experiential focusing on the strengths of the team, clarifying roles and team priorities. 

The team will work with you to co-produce a series of workshops or an away day, to enable safe reflection on recent events and to create shared narratives of team experiences and aspirations. 

Find out more about signing up by visiting our Keeping Well Academy page.

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