ICL Prog flyer

To support North West London’s new Inclusive and Compassionate Leader Programme, we are calling on staff to share what they think an inclusive and compassionate leader is.  

All we need is a 20 second selfie video from you, answering the question ‘how would you describe an inclusive and compassionate leader?’ 

You don’t need to introduce yourself, or share your name and job title, what we really want to know is what you think an inclusive and compassionate leader is.  

To give you an example of what we are looking for, please watch this short video of Sabrina Izzy, outlining what an inclusive and compassionate leader is to her - https://youtu.be/19JRhgdgVdo

Please take a few moments to consider what this means to you and then record yourself talking about it. Please ensure the video is no longer than 20 seconds.  

If you are filming on a mobile phone, please ensure you film in landscape and not portrait (by turning your phone to the side when filming, instead of holding it up right).  

Please send videos to Sabrina Izzy: sabrina.izzy@nhs.net, by email or via WeTransfer, by Friday 30 April 2020. Please contact Sabrina, if you need help sending your video.  

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