On this page, click below to learn about staff support services available within the NHS to you and your team via job role or workplace.

North West London NHS organisations (including London Ambulance Service)

The eight NHS organisations cover the North West London area. If you would like to include information about your organisation's staff support and wellbeing offer here then please get in touch.



Carefirst is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and offers six telephone sessions with scope to offer a couple more if agreed with the counsellor offering sessions. Find out more by visiting the Carefirst website

Staff can find log in details available on the CCG intranet page, Collabor8.

Occupational Health (OH)

North West London CCG colleagues can use Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust OH services. Available Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). The Occupational Health team offer confidential advice and support to staff on the prevention of illness and injury at work,and promote wellbeing for staff.

Email: imperial.healthatwork@nhs.net

Telephone: 0203 313 7010

Mediation service available to staff

North West London CCG staff have access to the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Staff Mediation service.  This service is provided by the Imperial CONTACT Counselling team who can support staff in need of mediation at work.  For more details contact Keeping Well NWL at keepingwell.nwl@nhs.net or email CONTACT directly at: imperial.account.contact@nhs.net

Occupational Healthcnwl logo.jpg

The CNWL Occupational Health Team offer advice on the prevention of illness and injury at work,and promote wellbeing for staff. They provide confidential advice and support to all staff. Open Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Website: www.cnwl.nhs.uk/cnwl-occupational-health-service
Telephone: 020 3317 3350
Email: cnwl.occupationalhealth@nhs.net

Employee Assistance Programme - Workplace Options 

The Employee Assistance Programme is available to help you with any personal problems that you may not want to talk about at work. The EAP is a free and confidential service that can provide:

  • Emotional support
  • Coping with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Citizens Advice
  • Financial and debt planning
  • Careers coaching
  • Planning for retirement
  • LGBT support
  • Resilience training

As part of the EAP, you can also access face-to-face counselling.

Website: www.global.helpwhereyouare.com (company code: CNWL)
Telephone: 0800 243 458 or 0208 987 6230 (direct dial number)
Email: support@resourcesforyourlife.com

For more health and wellbeing support available to CNWL colleagues, click here.

Internal Counselling Service (non EAP)CLCH logo.png

CLCH staff have access to psychologists and counsellors, who you can speak to confidentially about work-related or personal issues. The service is free for staff and self-referrals are accepted.

  • Team supervision
  • Debrief or resilience session
  • Individual therapy and training for managers

Email: clcht.supporteh@nhs.net

For more health and wellbeing available to CLCH colleagues, click here. 

Occupational HealthChelwest logo.png

The Chelsea & Westminster Occupational Health Team provide advice on the prevention of illness and injury at work, and promote wellbeing for staff. They provide confidential advice and support to all staff. Open Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

West Middlesex:
Telephone: 020 8321 5044
Email: Occupational.Health.wmuh@chelwest.nhs.uk

Chelsea and Westminster:
Telephone: 020 3315 8330
Email: OccupationalHealthManagers@chelwest.nhs.uk

Vivup (EAP)

Counsellors that offer psychological and emotional support. They also have a 24 hour employee assistance helpline. Six sessions of counselling over 12 months.

Telephone: 03303 800 658

Staff Psychological Therapy Service

The Staff Psychology Service provides psychological support to individuals and teams around issues relating to their work. They offer team and one to one support to staff working across Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Find out more here.

Email: staffpsychchelwest@nhs.net

For more health and wellbeing support available to Chelsea and Westminster staff, click here.

Occupational HealthHillingdon-Hospitals logo.png

The Hillingdon Hospitals Occupational Health Team offer advice on the prevention of illness and injury at work, and promoting wellbeing for staff. They also provide confidential advice and support to all staff.
Telephone: 01895 279313
Email: thh-tr.occupationalhealth@nhs.net

Vivup (EAP)

Counsellors that offer psychological and emotional support. They also have a 24 hour employee assistance helpline. Six sessions of counselling over 12 months.
Telephone: 03303 800 658
Email: info@vivup.co.uk

Hospital Staff Support Service 

Staff can access in house psychological support. This support offer for staff within the Trust includes sessions for individuals and teams. 

Telephone: 01895 279374

Email: clinicalhealthpsychology@nhs.net

Psychological debriefing sessions

Keeping Well North West London (NWL) is available to offer teams based at Hillingdon Hospital the opportunity for psychological debriefing sessions for staff members involved in, exposed to, or affected by critical incidents in the workplace. Find out more here

For more health and wellbeing support available to Hillingdon staff, click here.

Occupational Healthimperiallogo.png

The Imperial College Healthcare Occupational Health Team offer advice on the prevention of illness and injury at work, and promoting wellbeing for staff. They also provide confidential advice and support to all staff.

Telephone: 020 3313 7010
Email: imperial.healthatwork@nhs.net

CONTACT - internal counselling service (not an EAP)

Offers staff counselling, emotional wellbeing groups, conflict services, team health sessions, consultive supervision, training, trauma debriefs and support  groups. CONTACT also have a staff liaison officer and can provide leaflets on a variety of topics. Please see here for more detail about these individual services.

  • Hammersmith or Charing Cross Hospitals: 020 3313 2747
  • St Mary's: 020 3312 1519

Email: imperial.account.contact@nhs.net

For more health and wellbeing support available to Imperial staff, click here.

London Ambulance Service Wellbeing HubLAS.png

Telephone: 0203 162 7554, 8am – 6pm 7 days a week.

Email: londamb.laswellbeinghub@nhs.net

Ambulance Staff Crisis phoneline

Open to all ambulance staff, irrelevant of role or length of service and after the initial call there are a further 5 sessions, with more if needed (and the colleague does not consent for the information to be shared back into their Trust). Visit their website for more info.

Telephone: 0300 373 0898 available 24/7 365 days a year.

Occupational Health Service - Optima Health

Telephone: 0330 008 4302, 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday

Email: London.Ambulance.service@optimahealth.co.uk

  • Self-referral free short term counselling service (via Help EAP / Optima Health): 0800 021 4155

  • LINC Peer Support Network: 0207 922 7539 (Emergency on call number) 

The Ambulance Service Charity (TASC)

Provides a range of services to support the mental health, physical rehabilitation, and financial wellbeing of the UK’s ambulance staff, their family members, students, and ambulance service volunteers. Staff to be employed for minimum one year. Visit the website or contact 0800 1032999 or by email at support@theasc.co.uk

The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

This organisation offer a range of support. You can find their dedicated mental health and wellbeing webpage here

Supporting Hospital and Paramedic Employees (SHAPE)

SHAPE is an outreach programme that offers evidence-based wellbeing support to frontline staff and access to treatment as needed. SHAPE Recovery, which supports hospital and paramedic employees during and after COVID. Visit their website

Occupational Healthlnw 4.png

The LNW Occupational Health can help staff access to confidential help, support, and advice about everything from bereavement to money worries, our employee assistance programme has you covered.

Telephone: 020 8869 2580 (Northwick Park Hospital) or 020 8967 5703 (Ealing)

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Telephone: 0800 028 0199 to access free counselling and other services. You don’t need to be referred by our occupational health team.

Health Assured

Offer support for issues such as medical information, family issues, relationship advice, consumer issues, drugs and alcohol issues, legal information, bereavement support,counselling, stress and anxiety, childcare support, financial wellbeing and tenancy and housing concerns.
Telephone (24 hour support): 0800 0280199
Website: www.healthassuredeap.com

Managers and Leaders coaching support

Eisele Team consulting help individuals and teams reach their full potential through facilitating team support (and one to one coaching) sessions, which:

  • provide a space for teams to reflect, refresh and reconnect (includes the impact of Covid-19)
  • lead to a deeper understanding of each others' personalities, strengths and challenges
  • enhance the development of a deeper mutual trust
  • challenge conventional thinking
  • build better communication
  • lead to the creation of a high performing/supportive team mind-set

Please email lnwh-tr.staffsupport@nhs.net to book. If you would like a one to one coaching, please contact Nicole nicole.eisele@icloud.com

They produce a weekly newsletter sent to all staff, you can also follow the team on social media @LNW_wellbeing for all latest Trust initiatives to support a healthier you.

Team support sessions

Led by trained facilitators, they offer a safe space for teams to be 'listened' to, discuss what has been happening, how people are feeling, and share any concerns. To book a session, please contact lnwh-tr.staffsupport@nhs.net 

Staff health and wellbeing guide

This health and wellbeing guide launched for LNW colleagues in January 2022. It is an interactive live document and acts as a one stop shop for all key health and wellbeing Trust and national information and resources.

Wellbeing Conversations Guide

LNW colleagues can download the wellbeing conversations guide document here

Workplace Mediation

All LNW staff members who experience workplace conflict are entitled to request mediation. The offer is voluntary and confidential that allows parties involved to express themselves openly and honestly in a safe environment. For more information email lnwh-tr.mediationservice@nhs.net or visit the mediation intranet page.

Menopause Support Service

The Staff menopause support service is a pilot support service providing a 20- minute face-to-face or telephone appointment with a specialist pharmacist, twice a month. The service is available to Trust staff only, aged between 40-60, who need menopause support and are in line with the criteria listed on the booking form. For booking queries, you can email: lnwh-tr.staffmenopausesupport@nhs.net


For more health and wellbeing support available to LNW staff, click here.

Occupational HealthRoyal-Brompton-Harefield-NHS-Foundation-Trust.png

The Royal Brompton and Harefield staff with access to assessment, advice, support - physical, emotional, health and wellbeing.

Telephone:01895 828 721 (Harefield) or 020 7351 8902 (Brompton)

Email: occupational.health@rbht.nhs.uk

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - Health Assured

24 hour support/advisory service - finances, mental health, physical health.

Telephone: 0800 030 5182 to access free counselling and other services. You don’t need to be referred by our occupational health team.

For more health and wellbeing support available to Royal Brompton and Harefield staff, click here, or browse the image below.

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hosp.jpg

Staff counsellingWest london.png

Individuals are invited for a one off, one-to-one confidential support session. If difficulties are complex, a programme over several sessions may be agreed and formalised. Individuals can refer themselves, be referred by their line manager or Occupational Health. 

St Bernard's Wing and Broadmoor Hospital: 020 8354 8177

Email: OHealth@wlmht.nhs.uk

How to access:

  1. Open up The Exchange
  2. Select Top Tasks/Applications on the top banner of the Home Screen.
  3. Select 'Make a staff counselling referral' under the heading 'Staff Welfare'
  4. There will be a list of five options (Counselling, Group Facilitation, Training, CISD and Mediation' on the right, select which one you wish to access and click next.
  5. Follow the steps as appropriate.

Health at Work (Occupational Health)

If an employee has a long term sickness absence (3 weeks continuously or more) they should be referred to OH and a meeting should be arranged with them.

Telephone: 020 8354 8919 Broadmoor Hospital only: 01344 754310

Email: OHealth@wlmht.nhs.uk

For more health and wellbeing support available to West London staff, click here.

Support for primary care

If you feel like you need someone to talk to, the NHS England Looking After You coaching service is
available to everyone working in primary care, including general practice, pharmacy, dentistry and

Their experienced coaches can help you as an individual, support you to manage your team and reflect on your career goals and ambitions. All coaching is free and confidential at a date and time that suits you View each offer below, available to everyone working in primary care.


Looking after you too – coaching about you and your wellbeingThis-image-accompanies-the-Looking-after-you-too-coaching-offer-version-3.jpg

This coaching focuses on you and your wellbeing, and you can talk about things like:

  • the pressures and challenges you are facing
  • how you are thinking and feeling
  • coping with the demands of your role.

The coaching is designed to support you to develop practical strategies to cope with your situation and stay well. Find out more about this coaching offer and book a session. There is also a service available specifically for ethnic minority colleagues to talk to coaches from similar backgrounds.

Looking after your team – coaching about you and your teamThis-image-accompanies-the-Looking-after-your-team-support-offer-version-3.jpg

If you lead, manage, or organise a team or group in primary care you can access this offer to talk about things like:

  • how your team is working together
  • developing ways to improve team relationships
  • developing a more compassionate and collaborative culture.

The coaching is orientated towards supporting you to develop practical strategies and make small improvements that enable healthy team working.

Find out more about this coaching offer and book a session. Browse for more resources on leadership and management on our website.

Looking after your career – coaching about you and your careerImage-to-accompany-the-Looking-after-your-career-coaching-offer-version-3.jpg

This is an opportunity to focus on you and your career. You can use this coaching to talk about things like:

  • planning your career progression
  • your options and making choices
  • career decisions.

The coaching is designed to support you to take practical steps, take more control over your career direction and proactively advance it. Find out more about this coaching offer and book a session.


Looking After You - poster_page-0001.jpgFeedback from users of the service:
"My coach has been very supportive and understanding. Their encouragement and belief in me has helped me to feel there is a way forward and to refine my decision processes.”

"My coach was really supportive. Hearing from someone else things I already knew but was too scared to admit has really helped me move forward. I’m feeling lighter and much more hopeful about my future career."

“Excellent session, I have felt really supported through all my coaching. It has been just the right balance of informal but challenging. I have some excellent resources to use in the future. Thank you so much to my mentor. I highly recommend this service."

Explore more Looking After You resources on the NHS England website, or email the team at england.lookingafteryou@nhs.net for any questions you have.

The NHS People Plan outlines the ambition to enable NHS organisations to create cultures of wellbeing through encouraging wellbeing conversations and the introduction of networks of Health and Wellbeing Champions.

Keeping Well North West London is rolling out training for Health and Wellbeing Champions specifically for teams in the Primary Care sector. Below is some information about what a Health and Wellbeing Champion is, who can be one, what support is on offer, and how to access training.

What is a Wellbeing Champion?

The purpose of the champion role is to help support wellbeing and is intended to be taken on in addition to one’s day to day role. Tasks may include:

  • Keep up to date with latest wellbeing events and news to share with the team
  • Promote, identify and signpost ways to support the wellbeing of colleagues
  • Promote a local culture of compassion, health and wellbeing
  • Encourage the team to input their ideas for promoting wellbeing
  • Organise wellbeing and social events for the team, such as walking groups or book clubs

Who can be a Wellbeing Champion?

A Health and Wellbeing Champion role is someone who has a particular interest in health and wellbeing.

  • You could be clinical, non-clinical, managerial, administrative, estates or facilities, to name a few.
  • Champions should reflect the diversity of our NHS workforce and include colleagues from a range of roles, protected characteristics and levels of seniority.
  • You will have a willingness to support others and will need to feel confident speaking to colleagues of all demographics and role.

What a wellbeing Champion is not

This role is not a counselling nor a professional coaching role, and you will not be asked to provide clinical advice or make a diagnosis.

How much time will be expected of me?

We anticipate that the role would require a minimum of 3 hours per month.

What support is available to you as a Champion?

  • Free Wellbeing Champion Training (1 hour, online) as well as ongoing support from Keeping Well (Bi-monthly meetings where Champions can come together and network)
  • NHS England offer a monthly development programme for Champions NHS England.

How can I access training?

To register your interest in this training please email keepingwell.nwl@nhs.net.

Looking for support by your job role?

Whatever your role is within the health and social care sector, find support by your job role (nurse, doctor, pharmacist).