Away days are a vital team building event in the company calendar. Team building is an essential part of the business. The purpose of a team away day is to get staff working together, motivated and working to their potential.  

The impact of team away days are: 

  • To provide an opportunity to empower and motivate staff to plan, implement and evaluate changes in practice. This improves care for all. 
  • To create an environment of respect, this will occur when staff are working together on problem-solving tasks and team games. Respect is gained between employees because they can see that their colleagues are there to help them and they can also identify skills and qualities that each other have. 
  • To improve morale, team building activities can help break down hurdles between employees. This will create and retain a good atmosphere in the office. 
  • To create better communication, this can be achieved by putting people in a fun and relaxing environment outside the workplace.  This will encourage staff to relax, be themselves and open up to others. 

Face-to-face team away days are vital in building team confidence and trust, creating a tight knit team. They can include activities such as escape room, waterpark day, adventure walk and wall climbing. 

Virtual team building has the power to make remote teams feel just as close. Virtual team away days can include activities such as virtual ice breakers, remote scavenger hunt, offline book club.